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May 27

Bodhayan Summer Camp 2019

Kalyani sponsored a 5-day fun filled Summer Camp with tons of learning and fun for children and parents alike

May 16


KYLF celebrated Mango Magic by distributing Mangoes to the underprivileged children along with Hygiene tips and Vivel Soaps

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Touching Human Lives

Elderly Care

Kalyani Foundation - a Bikram Dasgupta initiative is a not for profitFoundation with a charter to support those in need and uplift them through meaningful work. Be it the folk artistes, the migrant labourers, the old and needy or even specially-abled adults and children, Kalyani Foundation has extended a helping hand to the less-privileged sections of our society and set a revolution in Old Age Care. The Foundation has been named after Bikram Dasgupta's mother Kalyani, who has been one of the biggest inspirations in BDG's life. He has picked up areas very close to his heart in an endeavour to fulfil the needs of Old Age Care in Kolkata. Kalyani Foundation's concept of giving back is unique.It aims at systemic support by building homes, free rations, celebrating festivals in old-age homes as part of Old Age Care, supporting education and bringing a smile to all who had once felt abandoned by the society at large.

Embracing old and needy - Bring a Smile

Kalyani Foundation has been adopting old-age homes as part of Old Age Care in Kolkata, both government and private,to provide much needed emotional support to the residents, many of whom are abandoned by their children and live a life of penury.

Organising Durga Puja in Old Age Homes; Celebrating with a smile

Subhashgram Old Age Home has less-fortunate people in their twilight years who have been abandoned by their own children. Even for once, none comes to visit them. They hardly have money to do what they wish to. Hence Kalyani Foundation volunteers frequent this government old-age hometo give residents the much-needed love, care and support.We fund and celebratean all-expense paid Durga Puja within the premises, for this is a festivalthat touches our emotions and a time when the old and needy feel left-out and lonely. Our volunteers deck up the old-age home, conduct a full-fledged Durga Puja with all rituals andculinary feasts. This is one occasion that every elderly in the 'Home' looks forward to eagerly, reliving their youthful days. A big revolution in Old Age Care!

Wishing Happy Birthday!

The 100-year-old Tollygunge Home is where our volunteers celebrate birthdays with the elderly residents making them feel belonged as part of our Old Age Care Mission. We step in to fillthe void in their lives on such special occasions. Apart from the customary cake cutting, birthdays are celebrated by playing games, singing songs, and lots of fun activities. And you just need to see the sparkle on their wrinkled faces! That's what keep us going...

While we also brought loads of laughter and joy to lives of residents of St Joseph's Home in January 2015. Here too we celebrated birthdays, showering gifts, held musical programmes, fun games and dance programmes. Even if for a short while, the residents forgot their pains and celebrated life.

Hold their hands --- Differently-abled adults and children

Often, we find specially-abled adults are ridiculed on streets and even within the extended families as they are 'different.' Given the huge challenges and social barriers faced by differently-abledadults and children in our society, largely due to lack of education, awareness and compassion, Kalyani Foundation took up their cause to build support services to help them be part of the mainstream.

We work closely with two NGOs in this sector - Care Giver Trust and Bodhayan.

Kalyani Foundation has joined hands with Care Giver Trust, to support projects promoted by them for differently abled children and adults. From farming on acres of land to health equipment requirements, special skills learning and education, Kalyani Foundation along with its partners help bridge the huge gap to ensure a future livelihood for the specially-abled adults. The activities include basic vocational skills to boost self-esteem among these adults while gradually becoming self-reliant and helping live meaningful lives. Organizing workshops to train the children in Candle Making, Envelope Making, Paper Bag Making, and Handloom etc. In addition, regular Yoga sessions are conducted as an intrinsic part of the healthcare initiatives helping these children and young adults to alleviate their physical sufferings.