Kalyani Covid Fight

Kalyani Foundation through donations and fund raising is relentlessly working with corporate houses and old age homes to provide oxygen concentrators, ventilators and beds for COVID-19 patients in dire need of oxygen throughout India. Volunteers are visiting Old Age Homes to distribute Kalyani COVID Fight survival kits. As part of Coronavirus donation Kalyani Foundation has tied up with Entrepreneurs of Kolkata to reach out Medical Oxygen cylinders, concentrators and ventilators to hundreds gasping for breath. Through donation in lakhs, Kalyani Foundation promises to fight COVID-19 crisis together and win!



Just as the 2nd COVID Tsunami died down a bit, the flames turning to embers, our volunteers were out visiting various Old Age Homes of Kolkata and West Bengal distributing specially designed COVID Fight survival and medical kits for the elderly, poor and needy. Our kits contained every item to help the vulnerable elderly population from protecting themselves as per COVID Protocols – from masks, to sanitizers, to gloves, oximeter, oxygen concentrators etc. They have none to look after them, none to buy them these essentials to protect them during the Pandemic. Hence as part of our Elderly Care programme, we stepped in to give that confidence among the Old Age Home residents, that they too have a right to live in this world and the right access to everything needed to survive in this Pandemic. As part of our endeavour we visited St Joseph’s Old Age Home and Tollygunge Old Age home. Needless to say, the residents and Sister Superior were overwhelmed by our gesture. We too promised to support them with a continued effort, till we together beat the deadly virus.



Entrepreneurs of Kolkata (EOK), run by Kolkata's top entrepreneurs have formed a core group of over 10 individuals and 100 entrepreneurs who are helping in crowd funding through the initiative called 'Breathe Again. 'Kalyani Foundation has joined 'Breathe Again' mission that has partnered with leading Government and Private Hospitals. Through our Covid fight program and India Covid aid programs we are facilitating Covid care facilities like setting up 500 + HDU / Isolation beds, oxygen supply & procurement of Oxygen Concentrators, Medical Infra support such as procurement of Ventilators, Bipap Machines & medical devices. Our donation in lakhs will help in buying these machines, that are absolutely essential for many COVID patients.



Kalyani Foundation through fund raising for EOK plan to help in setting up 500 plus hospital beds including 200+ ICU beds in Kolkata, fast-tracking import of 50 Bipap Ventilators from Singapore and contribute to the medical infrastructure of the country during these trying times. We pledge to stand by you in India's Covid fight program and India Covid aid programs. If you wish to join our philanthropic mission during this COVID crisis, you can write to us at info@kalyani.foundation. Or call us at +91-9831431346. Let's fight this COVID monster tsunami together. We shall win!