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September 19

Mahalaya celebrations at Subhasgram Old Age Home

KYLF celebrated the auspicious occasion of Mahalaya with elders at Subhasgram Old Age Home by gifting them new clothes, sweets, biscuits and cakes.

September 17

Flying Kites on Biswakarma Puja

KYLF celebrated Biswakarma Puja by flying kites with the families at St. Judes Child Care Centre

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Touching Human Lives

Home for Differently-abled

Paucity of awareness and education for differently-abled children and youth results in difficulties for them to sustain in the society. Kalyani – a Bikram Dasgupta Foundation, created with a charter of giving back to the disadvantaged section of society and touching human lives, attempts to answer this requirement by working closely with the Care Giver Trust and Bodhyan.

Kalyani along with Care Giver Trust, is building a home at Baruipur, Kolkata, to bridge the huge gap in providing normal and secure living environments for the differently-abled, where such children and young adults can stay along with their parents for life – their needs and requirements taken care of by the Trust.

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Baruipur Home Under Construction

The civil construction of the home, which sits atop the 8-acre land, has been completed. Once furnished with basic amenities, the twenty five rooms would be able to house differently-abled young adults and their parents. Globsyn Group is donating INR 1,00,000 to Kalyani to sustain the construction of the home, which now plans to build recreational, vocational, educational and medical facilities within the premises to make the home operational.

Corporates interested to make donations for a cause that touches the lives of disadvantaged section of society can do so by reaching out to us. You can write to us at or call Ms. Sharon Gomes at 9831431346 or drop in your contact details below to help us in getting in touch with you.

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